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Envirosafe Pantry Moth Trap


The Pantry Moth Trap uses a powerful pheromone attractant to lure moths to the sticky trap. Position the trap in pantries and cupboards where dried foodstuffs are stored. These lures attract meal, seed, raisin and almond moths. Although these traps kill any moths that get stuck in them it is best to find the source of the infestation to eradicate them from your food.

To minimise moth infestations:

  • Thoroughly clean all nooks and crannies in your pantry and cupboards.
  • Check all foodstuffs for evidence of moths, look for webbing and trails in food.
  • Make sure all foodstuffs are in sealed containers.
  • Put dried goods in freezer before storing to kill any eggs that might already be in food.
  • Check your traps regularly to monitor if moths have returned.