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Foot Warmer Mat Heater

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The Foot Warmer Mat Heater (electric pad) provides pleasant radiant warmth directly to you body through your feet or bottom, making it the most effective personal heater.

Using 90% less energy than other potable electric heaters, the Foot Warmer Mat Heater is arguably Australia's most energy efficient personal heater. 

Restrictions and Precautions 

Do not completely cover when on (feet and shoes are OK)

Do not bend when transporting pr storing

For indoor use only

Switch off when unattended

Do not machine wash or soak in water - surface clean with a dry brush or vacuum

Do not use if there are signs of physical damage to the power cord, foot switch or heating pad

Do not use as a pet heater

Restrict use of mat heater on floor surfaces resistant to temperature of up to 60deg Celsius