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Green Science - Solar Robot Kit

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Learning solar energy can be fun and possible at a very young age. Help your child build their little new friend that dance and walk under the sun with our Green Science Solar Robots Kit. Solar powered education has never been this cool.

To make the toy more fun and realistic, challenge your child's creativity by recycling some household materials to make their little solar robot into a dinosaur or a silly monster. Watch it walk on a sunny day or through the direct desk lamp. No batteries require just pure sunlight or halogen light.

Contents include:

  • 1 x Solar panel with wires

  • 1 x Solar panel holder plate

  • 1 x Support arm

  • 1 x Gear case body with motor and cams installed

  • 2 x Arms (right and left)

  • 2 x Leg links

  • 2 x Legs (right and left)

  • 2 x Feet

  • 2 x Terminal Caps

  • 2 x Body Template

  • Support clips

  • Washer screws

  • Screws

  • Double-sided adhesive foam

  • Detailed instructions

The perfect gift for any monster or dinosaur-lover around, the kit is recommended for ages 8 and over.