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Hannahpad Laundry Stain Remover

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Can also be used on any clothing to remove most stains. 

[Bottle Contents]- 150g/ 5.29oz. of Sodium Sesquicarbonate

GST included where applicable.

3 Uses:

  • Spray bottle diluted in water and sprayed onto stain
  • Sprinkled directly onto stain and gently massaged 
  • As a soaker

What it is

- Alkaline pH 9.6

- Cold water soluble 

- Non-irritating formula 

- High strength 

- Economical 

- Great on hannahpads and other washing 

- Not tested on animals 

What it doesn't contain

- NO Surfactants 

- NO Fragrance 

- NO Optical Brighteners

- NO Phosphates 

- NON-Toxic  

Packed in Australia from ingredients made in the UK.