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Kimberley Illume


Illume is a range of solar powered skylight alternatives. Instead of cutting a hole in your roof and ceiling to let light in they simply mount a solar panel on your roof and an LED light panel in your ceiling and connect them with a wire. This means there are no major heat gains in Summer or heat losses in Winter like with a traditional skylight, no bugs getting into the house and no seriously expensive install costs.

The light panel provides daylight-like light that reacts to outside conditions, dimming and lightening as they change. Because there's only a wire in between they can be installed in places you can't get daylight into, like downstairs in multi-storey buildings, basements, enclosed internal rooms like toilets, ensuites, hallways and WIRs.

If you're comfortable climbing onto and into your roof and have basic cabling skills then you can DIY install, or ask us for a quote for professional installation.


All units supplied with matching solar panel, mounting kit for tile or metal roof and 10m of cable.

180mm Round
Illumination area: 2m2 (up to 540lm)
(Comes with 9m cable)

270mm Round
Illumination area: 6m2
(up to 1050lm)
(Comes with 9m cable)

300mm Square
Illumination area: 6m2(up to 1050lm)

400mm Square
Illumination area: 9m2(up to 1420lm)

280mm Round
Illumination area: 7m2 (up to 1560lm)

350mm Round
Illumination area: 11m2(up to 1960lm)

500mm Square
Illumination area: 11m2(up to 1960lm)

600mm Square
Illumination area: 13m2(up to 2250lm)

300 x 600mm
Illumination area: 10m2(up to 1500lm)

300 x 1200mm
Illumination area: 20m2(up to 3300lm)

600 x 900mm
Illumination area: 20m2(up to 3300lm)

600 x 1200mm
Illumination area: 32m2(up to 4870lm)