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Leather Nourishing Cream & Rejuvanting Oil 500ml

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Try this perfect pair for restoring and maintaining your leather products. Rejuvenate them with the oil and maintain them with the cream. Extend the life of your leather items in your world furniture, clothing and car seats by using their maintenance cream.

The leather restoration oil specifically fixes extremely dry leather - removes, reduces cracks and lines and makes old leather soft and supple. Whereas the maintenance cream is perfect for keeping your leather products looking new and prolonging the life and use of them.

Maintenance cream

Created from a recipe from the 1800's this classic old style non-water based leather cream freshens and rejuvenates all leather and vinyl surfaces. Offering a great leather fragrance that keeps your car furniture clothes looking great. Maintaining your leather products with our Leather life maintenance cream will prolong the life and use of the item.

  • Non-shiny finish.
  • Used to maintain older treated or new leather. Simply wipe on every four to six months.
  • An old formula pre 1900’s that’s environmentally friendly and natural
  • Made using pine needles, plus tea tree and almond oil’s
  • Returns leather to a soft pliable finish
  • Cracks and marks disappear and prevents further deterioration
  • Old and new leather and vinyl surfaces.
  • Perfect for car interiors, home furniture, jackets, belts, shoes, equestrian equipment and more. Easy to apply, wipe on / absorb / and wipe clean.

Rejuvenation Oil

Created from a recipe from the 1800's this classic old style non-water based leather oil rejuvenates all leather surfaces especially old dry or cracked leather. This product will not stain or leave any oily residue, and is safe against fabrics and it’s designed to not swell or tarnish the leather but to transform and bring back the oldest leather into a soft and flexible state.

  • Removes deep ingrained grooves
  • Apply to dry leather surfaces until the leather does not absorb any more fluid.
  • Leave for a period if very dry and reapply as needed. Then wipe over with a soft dry cloth.