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Natural Pet Brush


Featuring natural coconut fibre bristles, the handmade Eco Max Pet Brush can be used wet or dry. Use it wet to spread shampoo and clean thoroughly while washing your pet's coat, or dry to remove excess hair, dirt, sand, and dry skin cells. The coconut fibre is a sustainable vegetable fibre with natural anti-bacterial properties, preventing dirt and mould build up. The round design is gentle on sensitive skin, while the coconut fibres are durable enough for extended use.

Large Pet Brush components: Coco Fibre, a waste product from coconut husks, Alistonia Timber, Cotton and Galvanised Wire.

Large Pet Brush dimensions: 23cm long x 8cm wide

Eco Max Brushes are vegan, biodegradable, and ethically made in Sri Lanka. The entire line is handmade using natural unbleached materials, like the Alistonia timber and sisal, or waste products like the coco fibre and rubberwood (a by-product of rubber production). Even the timber sealant is a non-toxic toy-grade sealer, safe for animals and children.

By switching to naturally-sourced and biodegradable products like Eco Max's, you can protect our valuable ecosystems by:

  • limiting the number of potentially harmful chemicals entering into local eco systems

  • reducing the amount of plastic entering into Australian waterways and our ocean

  • minimising pollution and chemical waste created during the production and treatment of synthetic materials

  • fighting the war on waste by limiting the volume of persistent materials being deposited into landfill

For more information on how to reduce your plastic use, work towards a zero waste lifestyle, and create a more efficient home, visit us in our Northcote store or search "War on Waste" (in quotation marks) on our website.