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OWI 6 in 1 Educational Solar Robot Kit

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A great educational science toy, science project or a collection - OWI 6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit is an innovative science toy that teaches children the importance of solar power while having fun. Let your junior eco-scientist exercise their creativity and imagination while building their own toys which can be taken apart and rebuilt again and again.

OWI 6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit has 6 different models that move, spin and walk under solar power outdoors with no batteries required. They will also work under halogen lights indoors, but if you still have halogen lights you should seriously look at upgrading to LEDs!

Suited for kids aged 10 and over, or parents can help out younger children in a great bonding experience.

6 Different Models to Build and its Dimensions:

  • Airboat : 4.76" (L) x 2.4" (W) x 3.39" (H)

  • Windmill: 6.06" (L) x 6.02" (W) x 9.41" (H)

  • Puppy : 2.68" (L) x 1.81" (W) x 2.52" (H)

  • Car : 2.76" (L) x 2.13"(W) x 1.34" (H)

  • Plane : 6.06" (L) x 4.40" (W) x 3.70" (H)

  • Revolving plane : 8.60" (L) x 2.40" (W) x 6.54" (H)

Package includes:

  • 1 x gearbox

  • 1 x solar module

  • Snap-together plastic pieces to build the models together with spring terminals

  • Connecting wires

  • Instructions with step by step building instructions

Video on how products work:

About OWI:

OWI Incorporated manufactures educational robotics kits. The kits have 5 difficulty level from beginners to advance involving circuit board soldering and mechanical assembly. They have been partnering with educators and developed a fully structured curriculum, for teaching their kits’ electronic and mechanical features.