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Palm Leaf - Party Plate 5 pc Set

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When you're feeding a crowd you usually don't want to deal with piles of dishes afterwards, or maybe you're travelling light on a picnic or camping and don't want to carry around heavy plates. Whatever for situation, these Palm Leaf Disposable Party Plates are a great solution. Handily sized, these plates have two 'partitions', making it easy to separate meat and salad, dips and chips, curry and rice etc etc

Made from 100% natural areca nut tree leaves, no trees are cut down to produce these, only fallen leaves are collected from the farms as the raw material source. Fallen leaves that otherwise would get burned are collected from plantations, then cleaned and pressed into these handy two section plates.
The leaves are gathered, soaked, cleaned, then heated and moulded. When all of the moisture has been squeezed out the leaves retain the shape of the mould. These leaves are pressed in an advanced hydraulic heavy-duty machine using CNC dies to get desired shape. In this process the palm leaf is heat to 180’C thereby heat sterilizing them. To ensure safety further the plates undergo UV sterilization.

After use, the plates can be composted, with bio-degradation occurring in typically just six weeks.
Each leaf is unique in pattern and colour ranging from pearly whites. Golden beige’s and earthy browns streaked with silver strains and embedded with natural grains-lending each product an exclusive charm and elegance. As our products are derived from a natural source, slight variations in colour and thickness occur.
The leaves used are extremely strong, do not melt, bleed moisture or deform in the sun, and can even be used in the microwave or heated in the oven.

Pack contains 5 pcs. 27.5x 18 cm