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Power-Mate Digital Energy Power Meter - 10A & 15A


The Power-Mate measures the energy consumption of appliances in your home. It helps you track down the biggest energy users or those appliances with standby loads. This digital energy power meter can accurately measure and calculate power, volts, amps and energy being used by an electrical appliance.

The Power-Mate is our top of the range standard power meter, robust and accurate and available in a range of higher power or higher accuracy models by request. Great for any situation where the meter will be used often, such as a loan unit for Council and Community groups or industrial and office users.

Simply plug the Power-Mate into a power outlet then plug your appliance to be measured into the Power-Mate. It will show instantaneous power usage and can also be left plugged in for a period of time to accurately measure energy consumed. The easy and safe way to work out exactly where the power is being used in your home, office, factory etc.

*NOTE: The Power-Mate is available in two versions, a standard 10A for normal domestic use and a 15A version for industrial use. The 15A version comes with a 15A plug with a wider earth pin, meaning it can not be used in normal power outlets.

    • Instantly displays power use over Day, Month, Year

    • Flying leads allow use in difficult locations

    • Accurately measure very low energy (0.01W)

Product Specs Power-Mate 10A:

    • Load: 2.4kW continuous (10Amps@240Volts)

    • Measured Current: Up to 12A

    • Connections: 10A piggy-back style plug/socket

Product Specs Power-Mate 15A:

    • Load: 3.6kW continuous (15Amps@240Volts)

    • Measured Current: Up to 18A

    • Connections: 15A plug and socket

Additional Features

      • Accurately measure sustained energy use in 15A applications e.g ovens, water pumps, air conditioners, computer server rooms and electrical motors where the current is up to15A constantly

      • Measure inrush currents of electrical items like electrical motors and water pumps where the inrush currents can exceed 15A

For less demanding applications, have a look at the Power-Mate Lite Energy Power Meter or the Efergy Energy Monitoring Socket.