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Queen B Candles - 4 Hour Tealight Refills

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Each bag contains 25 x Four hour Queen B, good enough to eat, 100% natural beeswax tealight candles. This is 10% off the price of tealights in the 9 pack.

Burn time:  4-5 hours each

Cost per hour: 28 cents per hour (of Queen B, pure Australian beeswax, natural honey aroma-ed, ionising, ambience-creating candlelight)

NOTE: Tealight candles are designed to be burned in a single sitting (it's a complex relationship between the size of the wick and the size of the candle and the wick needing enough time to burn out to the edge of the cup - to consume all of the wax - before it burns down to the base of the cup). Please take this into account when choosing whether to buy 4-5 hour or 8-9 hour tealight candles.