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SolaMate Solar Home Heating System

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The SolaMate solar thermal heating, cooling and ventilation system for homes is an award winning Australian invention that heats your home directly from the sun. It is like retrofitting passive solar design to your house, without any expensive renovations!

Grab the Solamate Solar Home Heating System brochure here.

Its elegantly simple design provides solar air heating and roof ventilation for up to 100m² of your home using only 80 Watts of electricity to power a fan.

    • A clear polycarbonate panel sits on your roof, tilted towards the sun

    • The multiple layers of air channels in the panel act as triple-glazing, trapping solar energy

    • Fresh air from outside is drawn into the panel and heated by the sun as it flows through

    • The fan gently pushes this warm air through a HEPA filter and ducting into up to three separate rooms

    • hospital-grade HEPA air filter removes pollen, allergens, dust and other harmful particles down to 0.4 microns

The thermostat allows you to set the desired temperature in your home, which is controlled by changing the fan operation.

Even on cold cloudy days, the SolaMate heating system can still provide plenty of useful heating – the triple glazed solar air panel is very efficient at collecting even small amounts of solar energy. Temperatures achieved for warm air flowing from the SolaMate panel are typically:

    • 30˚C - 45˚C on sunny spring and autumn days.

    • 25˚C - 30˚C for sunny winter days.

    • 20˚C - 25˚C for cold, cloudy winter days.

On summer nights, the SolaMate cooling system can also be used to bring cool fresh air into the house to flush out the heat built up from the day.

People with SolaMate solar home heating system typically notice significant reductions in their heating costs, as the free warmth gained means their existing heating systems don’t have to work as hard.

By leaving the Solamate running all day long, it collects a huge amount of renewable solar energy, heating up your house so that much less heating will be required in the evening. It can cost less than 30 cents per day as the only electricity required is to run the 80W fan.

For best results, set the target temperature on the SolaMate thermostat controller to 2-4˚C higher than the target temperature for your conventional heating system. This will ensure that the SolaMate does most of the heating, and your regular heating will only kick in when it is needed.

Thermostat setting for best SolaMate heating operation


“We had our SolaMate from the EnviroShop installed about 4 years ago and love it. It keeps the house warm in winter. We find our split system heating does not come on till early evening, as the SolaMate has kept the temperature in the living room a cosy 22˚C. I like it warm – I used to run both our gas and split system heating! There’s no need to anymore.

The bonus we have found from the SolaMate is the cool air on summer evenings. We had the SolaMate installed for its solar heating, but it is just as good in summer. After the sun goes down and the air outside is cooler, it draws in the cooler air. We found we do not need to open our windows very much at night and have found our sleep has improved on hot nights , as a gentle cool breeze keeps us very comfortable all night and also cools down the house a few degrees overnight.

I would recommend it.”

- Rosemary and Brian, Gippsland

“On days with sun or some cloud and even some rain it worked really well and noticeably reduced the need for and use of supplementary heating.

We think SolaMate would be a great backup for those households in Victoria, South Australia and NSW – in those states you would also have a greater capacity to use the night-time cooling function in summer.

We think the systems are a worthwhile investment and it’s helped us solve some really difficult-to-heat areas in our house... We are very pleased with the performance, particularly in a temperate climate like Tassie. We would certainly recommend them to others.”

- Gayle and Adrian, Trevallyn, Tasmania


More about SolaMate Solar Home Heating Sytem

SolaMate Solar Heating System kit is a fully Australian designed, owned, and manufactured product and was the 2009 Housing Industry of Australia (HIA) GreenSmart Product of the Year, as well as an Episode and People’s Choice Award winner on the ABC’s New Inventor’s Program.


Please note that the SolaMate system is NOT bushfire-rated, and therefore not recommended for installation in bushfire-prone areas. If you have any questions regarding this please contact us.


Sizing and technical specifications

Under full solar radiation conditions of 1000 W/m², one SolaMate solar air heating panel provides 2000 Watts of heating. Depending on conditions it can provide up to 10 kWh of heating over the course of a day.

    • For 2.4m high ceilings, one SolaMate solar air panel heats up to 100m² of your home

    • For 2.8m ceilings one SolaMate solar air panel heats up to 85m² of your home

The solar panel dimensions are 3.5m long by 1m wide. It needs to be installed on a pitched roof facing north. If the roof is flat, the panel will need to be mounted on a tilt frame (supplied separately).

The 80W fan moves up to 540 cubic metres per hour, achieving around 2 air changes per hour for 100m² of house area (depending on ceiling height).

The SolaMate Filter is an F6 medical grade filter that removes particles as tiny as 0.4 microns, which includes pollen, spores, bacteria, and most other lung-damaging particulates. The filters are user replaceable and usually last between 12-18 months.

Solamate Solar Home Heating System Installation

We can arrange installation by our friendly team of installers. However if you’re handy with tools, it’s quite easy to do it yourself! The SolaMate kit comes with full documentation and installation instructions, for a taste of what it’s like check out this handy video.