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Beer Shampoo Bar

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Beer as a shampoo?

Beer has been renowned and used by many for its amazing ability to benefit hair in many ways. The alcohol acts as cleansing, hair conditioning and shine agent. Its natural ingredients coat hair strands, nourish and repair damaged hair.

Try Our Tasmanian Real Beer Shampoo Bar

Tasmanian Real beer shampoo bar from Beauty and the Bees is a handmade safe shampoo that combines real beer, plant and nut oils to create an effective shampoo for a healthy hair and scalp. This natural real beer shampoo bar is recommended for all hair types, especially for those who have dandruff, oily hair/scalp, fine or thin hair. Perfect alternative for those who want to achieve that healthy shiny looking hair without using harsh chemicals. Tasmanian real beer shampoo bar has a slightly gingery, spicy smell - another reason to make this your new favourite.

Made from 100% natural and certified ingredients:

Reel beer brewed by the boutique Dark Isle Brewery, Tasmanian plant and oil hops from the oasthouses of the lush Derwent River Valley are infused and added for their conditioning and antiseptic qualities, natural conditioning plant oils such as castor, olive and coconut oils.

    • Ideal for dandruff/psoriasis or those with dry flaky scalps
    • 100% free from harmful chemicals
    • Colour of the bar is from the natural waxes, spices, herbs and essential oils used
    • Safe to use for normal and coloured hairs

Directions for use:

Simply wet the hair, and rub the shampoo bar directly through the hair while producing a good lather using pads of your fingers (do not use fingernails). Rinse thoroughly after.

Beauty & the Bees product range offers this benefits:

    • 100% Non-RSPO palm oil free
    • Suits all hair/ skin types
    • Contains certified organic oils grown from Biological Farms Australia, National Association for Sustained Agriculture
    • Natural certified organic ingredients: see here list of premium ingredients
    • Not tested on animals

Product Dimensions: 0.06cm x 0.08cm x 0.14cm
Weight: 0.15oz
Size: 125g

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About Beauty & the bees:

Beauty & the Bees company based in Tasmania manufactures and supplies skin care products not just for adults but also for babies that are safe for all skin types. These are made from 100% safe organic ingredients with no artificial chemicals added. Many claim that these have soothing and healing power for eczema and damaged skins from chemically-made skin care products.