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The Swag Bag Fresh Produce Storage Bags



The Swag is made out of three different/unique layers of 100% natural, unbleached, unseeded cotton materials (Australian Patent No. 2015221423, South African Patent 2016/06336, International patents pending).

Each of the three layers play a significant role in keeping your fresh produce fresher for much longer!

The outer layer of The Swag protects your fruit & veggies by protecting the water within the middle layer from drying out too quickly. However, it’s the other two layers that really make all the difference;

The thick, absorbent middle layer holds the bulk of the moisture, almost like the inner layer of a babies nappy, it draws the moisture away from the babies bottom, or in this case, away from the fresh produce within your Swag. However, The Swag still allows the fresh produce to draw on that water and hydrate as needed. If too much moisture is up against your fruit & veggies they’ll rot faster than necessary. That’s why our patented middle layer makes all the difference.

The very inner layer of The Swag, provides a dryer protection barrier however, being permeable, also allows your fruit & veggies to draw on air and water in order to stay Fresher for Longer.

How do I use the Swag?

Everyone has a different way of using their Swags and you’ll find your ‘groove’ in no time at all. they’re really incredibly easy to use.

Firstly, you MUST machine wash your Swags BEFORE USE as the inner layer plumps up and works much better after machine washing.

If possible, when you get your beautiful bounty of fresh produce home from the shops, we highly recommend filling your kitchen sink with cold water and a BIG splash of vinegar (apple cider or white wine) and let them bathe in it (potentially for hours) give them a good rub and take off those horrible stickers that are also having an hideous and unnecessary impact on the environment. For best disposal of these stickers, stick them onto an object or material that’s already in your general waste bin. By doing this, you’re stoping insects/bacteria from becoming stuck to the stickers whilst in landfill. Instead these insects/bacteria can go on loving and breaking down our humungous waste.

If possible chop off the ends or stalks of your produce so they can breath and hydrate better (just like cutting the ends off flowers for a vase)

FYI – ‘furry’ fruits such as peaches and apricots don’t like a long bath – they like a quick plunge and dry!

If you are not seeing two weeks of life (on average) out of your fresh produce then your Swags are either too dry or too damp. Simply play with the hydration levels. If all else fails, please contact and they’ll work with you until you crack the sweet spot of at least two weeks of freshness!

Personally, I tend to put all of my freshly purchased fresh produce into my large Swags and I move the older produce into a small Swag (red trim) therefore I know the red trimmed small Swag is the one I need to use the produce out of first (the colour coding trims are key here).

For best results dampen your Swag with filtered water from a jug or filtration system.

For the VERY passionate people…. I only put UNRIPENED fruit in The Swag. And as needed, I move the UNRIPENED fruit from The Swag into the fruit bowl for a day or two and these fruits are perfectly ripened and ready to eat. For more detailed information on this go to question “What doesn’t work well in the Swag?”

Some people like a separate Swag for fruit, veggies or leafy greens. Others throw everything into one Swag. Personally, I like to divide my produce up as follows;

Leafy greens and salad stuff (lettuce, herbs, capsicum, tomatoes, avocado and cucumber etc) in one Large colour coded Swag, another colour coded Swag for all veggies and another for fruits. Then I have a small Swag with a combination of all of the older fresh produce that I want to use first.

The colour coding trim makes it easy to identify what’s in each Swag.

What I LOVE about this system, is that when I’m cooking a stir fry – I pull out The Swag with the colour trim that has the veggies in it and everything I need to prepare my meal is all in one Swag. No multiple trips to the fridge and no need to rummage around to find things! If I’m making a salad I pull out the Swag containing the salad stuff and If I’m doing the kids lunches I pull out both Swags… the one with the salad stuff plus the one with the fruit. I pop the relevant Swag on the bench, use what I want/need and put the half cut up things straight back into The Swag – no need to wrap them in plastic… they’ll stay fresher for much longer when nude (unless it’s a very ripe tomato or avocado – you may want to wrap these)

Remember, The Swag doesn’t ‘need’ to be in the crisper of your fridge. The Swag not only saves money – it saves time! Less rummaging through your fridge and less trips to the shops!

Most fruits such as Non-cherry stone fruits, avocados, tomatoes, mangoes, melons, apples, and pears will continue to ripen if left sitting out on a counter top in a fruit bowl.

Once they are really ripe – try to avoid putting them into The Swag – Just eat them! Why? When fruits approach maturity, they release ethylene. Ethylene promotes the ripening of fruit. However, Ethylene can also cause premature ripening in other fruits and veggies, plus in some fruit and veggies ethylene can actually cause damage.

It’s best to put these fruits into The Swag WELL BEFORE they’re ripe. If you put these fruits into The Swag before they’re ripe (while still firm and giving off no sweet/pungent smell) then The Swag will significantly prolong the period of time before they start becoming ripe and producing ethylene. Then as, and when needed, fill your fruit bowl with the unripened fruit and within a day or so, your fruit will be ripe and ready to eat. If you can see that the fruit has ripened within the Swag – then remove it and either eat it ASAP, put it on a shelf in your fridge (away from other fruits and veggies) or put it in your fruit bowl. Ripe Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, bananas, pears and many other fruits will freeze well and you can use them later in delicious smoothies.

So to summarize; put your UNRIPENED fruit in The Swag and as needed, move the fruit from The Swag to your fruit bowl for a day or two and those fruits will then be perfect to eat.

For best results;

– Fresh corn, take it out of the husk completely whilst in The Swag – corn will stay fresher longer this way.

– If you chop the dry ends off things before you put them into The Swag then they will be able to breathe and hydrate more efficiently.

– Please leave Bananas in the fruit bowl. When freezing bananas take out of the peel first. Cut watermelon/pineapple/rock melon etc is probably best cut up and put into a container however if it’s a whole watermelon, pineapple, rock melon that is not too ripe then they’ll most likely love being in The Swag and will stay fresher for longer that way.

When should I stop using the Swag?

We recommend replacing your Swags perhaps once every two years or as needed. However, if you’ve gone on a holiday and left rotting produce in your Swag, then I would turn it inside-out and wash it. Then whilst still wet, pour a cup of white wine vinegar over the stains in your Swag and put it through an extra rinse cycle. The vinegar is a natural anti bacterial agent and will also remove the soap detergent/chemicals from your Swags. Whilst still inside-out dry in full sun. The sun is a natural bleacher and sanitizer.

However, if you’ve left your Swag to the point of mould we highly recommend removing them from your fridge immediately and composting them, as mould spores are often difficult to kill and can be toxic. If it the mould is dealt with quickly (using clove oil concentrate) then there is often no contamination and The Swag can go on being used. 

The Starter Pack is the perfect addition to any sized household. Plus, it’s a cost effective way to trial The Swag – but we bet, you’ll be back for more!

Your Starter Pack consists of:

2 x Small Swags , 1 x Long Swag, 1 x Large Swag

The starter pack saves you 10%!

If you’re confident, buy two starter packs and whilst one Swag is in the wash, you’ll have clean ones readily on hand. Plus we’ll give you free postage and handling! The Swag not only saves you money – it saves time! Less rummaging through your fridge and less trips to the shops!

All three sizes of The Swag can be used for a variety of vegetables such as grapes, several bunches of herbs, apples, lettuce, broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes etc. You can have a combination of fruits, veggies and leafy greens all in one Swag! The Long Swag is perfect for longer vegetables, such as celery, spinach and leeks however you can put fruits and veggies that aren’t long or perhaps several bunches of herbs and fold it in half to make it more compact for your unique crisper size.

The Small Swag is perfect for smaller vegetables such as grapes, several bunches of herbs, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes etc. You can have a combination of fruits, veggies and leafy greens in one Swag.

The Long Swag is mostly used to store longer vegetables such as; celery, spinach and leeks however you can put fruits & veggies that aren’t long or perhaps several bunches of herbs and fold it in half to make it more compact.

If the long Swag won’t fit in your crisper drawer, you can store it in the general fridge shelf space

The Large Swag is perfect to store a large variety of fruit, veggies and leafy greens of any size. You can have a combination of fruits, veggies and leafy greens all in one Swag. The Swag not only saves you money – it saves time. Less rummaging through your fridge and less trips to the shops!

If you want to trial one Swag first, we highly recommend trialling the Large Swag

Small Swag – Width: 37cm X Height: 38cm (opened up and including flap height) 37cm x 24cm not including the flap.

Long Swag – Width: 52cm X Height: 38cm (opened up and including flap height) 52cm x 24cm not including the flap.

Large Swag – Width: 42cm x Height:52cm (opened up and including flap height) 42cm x 38cm not including the flap.