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Top Hat Exhaust Fan

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The DraftStoppa® TopHat™is an innovative, energy efficient, ducted ceiling exhaust fan incorporating the Award Winning DraftStoppa® concept.

Made from recyclable, fire retardant materials, the Top Hat ™ is simple to install, and can be installed into new homes and well as being retro-fitted into established homes.


  • The revolutionary VorTecs™ grille, featuring a unique “swirl” design fascia, boosts air movement and cuts energy usage.
  • A unique aerofoil blade design that maximises air lift, mimimises back draft, and reduces noise level.
  • Award-winning DraftStoppa technology seals out dust, pollution, vermin, water and snow.
  • Saves on heating & cooling costs!
  • Easy to install.


    • Approval Number: V06589
    • Model Number: AT200D
    • Rating: 240V, 50Hz, 35W
    • Fan cover: 289mm diameter
    • Fan unit height: 205mm
    • Duct: 150mm ø x 3 metres.
    • Eave Vent: 180mm x 180mm
    • Air movement at outlet of 3m Duct: 360m³/h (100 litres / second)
    • Plug & Lead: 800mm
    • TopHat™ Kit: fan, grill, duct tape and hole template