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USB Powered Trimmable RGB LED Strip Light 1m

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Featuring 30 RGB (Red + Green + Blue) LEDs along a 1m strip for great light output with colour-changing effects. Attach it to your laptop, TV, your old phone charger, wherever you have a USB power outlet. Unlike many designs, this light strip can be trimmed down at any of the 30 points between the 30 LEDs, so you can “fit it” to whatever you like. If you're handy with a soldering iron you can rejoin sections to go around corners etc. A small remote inline with the power lead provides light mode, colour-change, and on/off controls so you can choose from a range of colours and patterns. Powered from a spare USB port using the provided 1m USB lead.


- IP67 weatherproof

- Customisable length

- Bright RGB leds


Lumens: Up to 850 per metre (varies with colour)

Voltage: 5-24VDC

Weight 60g


LED Strip: 10(W)mm x 1(L)m

USB Cable Length: 1m