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Veggie Saver Medium Linen


Stella Stellina focus on making products for a zero waste life. Created with eco-love in Geelong, Victoria.

These veggie saver bags are made from the most delicious linen/cotton blend, a tough fabric built to last a lifetime of use and washing. Prepare for these bags to be in your life a really long time. Fill dampened bag with veggies and store in crisper, wash and rehydrate bag every 5-7 days.

This fabric is milled in Australia but the fibres are from overseas sources, however it’s one step closer to supporting our Australian textile community. 

Available in medium and large.

Size: Medium 29 x 31cm 

Features include:

  • Made from linen/cotton blend
  • Sewn with 100% cotton thread
  • Fabrics are pre-washed in soap free from formaldehyde, optic Brighteners, and phosphates and are PH neutral.
  • Medium will fit cauliflower, broccoli or cos lettuce
  • Machine washable
  • Compostable at end of life

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Made in Australia