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Viking Toys Eco Mini Chubbies (30pc)

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The Viking Toys Eco Mini Chubbies are the perfect addition to any outdoor and indoor playtime. Allow little ones to use their imagination by being immersed in each of the vehicles. This set comes as an assortment of cars, trucks, boats and even planes! The set includes a great variety of vehicles such as a mini front loader, train, tugboat and many more! Getting children to play with these miniature vehicles is a great way to encourage active roleplay and is excellent for promoting social and imaginative play. Allow them to be creative with their environment around them as they can be used on a variety of surfaces. The wheels are made of a soft rubber, so it won’t damage or scratch wooden floors but is still durable for outside play.

These high-quality toys are made from a renewable sugarcane plastic. Ecoline toys are made from sugarcane that is then processed and manufactured into an eco-friendly plastic. The sugar cane is a sustainable plant that helps reduce carbon emissions by binding and absorbing surrounding CO2 emissions. During this process the sugarcane absorbs more CO2 then what is takes to manufacture the Ecoline toys. Which overall makes their environmental footprint a positive one. This process also makes these toys 100% recyclable.

This set contains 30 pieces of varying vehicles and it comes stored in a 5-litre bucket. Each vehicle measures 7(L)cm.

Ages 2+ years.