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Voodoo Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo Bar

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Another Beauty and the Bees natural hair care product that uses bamboo charcoal as a primary ingredient. Voodoo Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo is great for any hair type especially those with dandruff, eczma, and other scalp issues including sensitive skin. We've also heard from customers that the bamboo charcoal soaps and shampoos are effective at removing chlorine smells from skin and hair after swimming.

Shampoo bars are a great replacement for traditional liquid shampoos. Minimal packaging (a simple, compostable cardboard box) and greatly reduced shipping volume and weight make for much lower environmental impact. Long lasting and great quality, they're also ideal for travelling.

  • Harvested sustainably in pesticide-free forest in Taiwan

  • Absorbs excess oils

  • Moisturises and repair dry and damaged hair and scalp

  • Washes away dirt and toxins from your hair and scalp

  • Hair and scalp -friendly, seen significant improvement according to users with psoriasis and eczema


Beauty & the Bees product range offers these benefits:

  • 100% Non-RSPO palm oil free :

  • Suits all hair/ skin types

  • Contains certified organic oils grown from Biological Farms Australia, National Association for Sustained Agriculture

  • Natural certified organic ingredients: see here list of premium ingredients

  • Not tested on animals

About Beauty & the Bees

Beauty & the Bees company based in Tasmania manufactures and supplies skin care products not just for adults but also for babies that are safe for all skin types. These are made from 100% safe organic ingredients with no artificial chemicals added. Many claim that they have soothing and healing power for eczema and damage skins from chemically-made skin care products.