Collection: Close Comfort Personal Air Conditioner

Close Comfort PC9+ is a new type of portable air conditioner featuring revolutionary patented Australian technology. It has been successfully tested in Pakistan, where temperatures can reach over 50°C, and is now available in Australia.

Use it anywhere: it’s ready to go straight out of the box. Simply plug it in, point it at you, raise the air deflectors and it will start blowing chilled air to cool you down. No pipes, no installation, no consumables. It’s so easy to use, there’s even a remote control for extra convenient operation.

The Close Comfort PC9+ uses only 300W maximum, thanks to patented air delivery technology and the principles of local cooling instead of room cooling. It saves energy by creating a cool micro-climate around you instead of wasting valuable energy cooling walls, empty floor-space, the ceiling and unoccupied space in the room. 

Ideal for renters

Close Comfort is designed to work in thermally poor houses with no insulation and lots of other issues. You can easily take it when you move, it doesn't require any security - compromising hoses out windows and is cheap to run.

Ideal for commercial use too.

In many cities, office buildings switch off their air conditioning systems at 5.30 pm to save energy costs.  Workers who want to stay on and avoid congested traffic or crowded public transport can use Close Comfort to stay comfortable.  Keeping the office air conditioning on after working hours usually costs around $100 per floor per hour!  Close Comfort is a much cheaper and greener alternative.

Also great for workshops, warehouses etc where you can't effectively cool the whole space. Workers can have localised cooling for greater efficiency and happiness for minimal running costs.

How Does it Work and How is it different to a 'normal' air conditioner?

Unlike normal room air conditioners, Close Comfort provides localised cooling. Just like a bedside light provides localized illumination, Close Comfort cools just a small part of the room where you are sitting or sleeping.  It works in all rooms, even outside in sheltered areas.  

Local Cooling

A 'normal' split system style air conditioner is heavily dependent on the thermal efficiency of your home. It pumps the heat to outside to cool the room, but if your home has gaps around doors and windows, single glazed windows and poor insulation (like most Australian homes) the heat will be coming straight back in, making your aircon work harder and costing you more. 

Other portable air conditioners still try to cool the room, dumping the hot air out a window hose. That hot air has to be replaced from somewhere, so it is usually drawing in hot outside air from gaps in your house, making them very inefficient, much less so than a split system. They also tend to be noisy, heavy, bulky, awkward to move around and store when not in use and many are unreliable because of the higher power levels, cheap manufacturing and greater complexity required.

Where does the warm air go?

Close Comfort exhausts a gentle stream of warm air up to the ceiling where the heat dissipates without warming the room perceptibly. Due to higher energy efficiency the warm air produced is barely noticeable thus, does not require an inconvenient pipe out the window, like normal air conditioners.

What is the BTU rating, and what size of a room does it cool?

About 2500 BTU/hr in dry air and 3500 BTU/hr in high humidity. Normal air conditioners provide 12,000 – 24,000 BTU of cooling but require 4 – 8 times more electricity. Close Comfort works in any size of room as cooling is concentrated on the user.

How efficient is it?

The unit is rated at 850W of cooling capacity for 300W of energy use, resulting in a COP of around 2.8 While this is not as good as a high quality split system, it is extremely good for a portable unit. When you combine this with the localised cooling effect vs cooling an entire room, it works out to incredible efficiency.

When I step away from Close Comfort, or get out of the tent, it feels so hot in the room.

It does feel hot because you were used to the cool air from Close Comfort.  You are noticing how effective Close Comfort can be. 

Provided you feel comfortable most of the time, you can easily cope with the heat now and then.  That’s better for you, a healthier alternative, because you don’t lose your natural ability to adapt to warmer temperatures in summer.  If you live with air conditioning all the time, you lose that natural acclimatization ability and then you become dependent on air conditioning.

Can I adjust the temperature setting?

Yes. The PC9+plus has a remote control with automatic thermostat control. Close Comfort automatically regulates the air temperature, maintaining the most comfortable air temperature for you in any environment.

What cooling technology does Close Comfort use?

Close Comfort uses conventional compressor refrigeration, just like your refrigerator or freezer. It has a completely welded refrigeration circuit that will last as long as your (good quality) fridge or freezer.


  • Remote control with temperature control
  • Three speed operation – low, medium, and high
  • Easily portable at 17 Kg, with four wheels
  • No pipes out the window
  • No consumables required
  • Uses only 300 Watts
  • Compatible with 220 - 240 Volts ~50 Hz
  • The optimal air-conditioning choice for humid conditions


Igloo Tent

Igloo Bed Tent

The Igloo Tent is a highly recommended accessory for efficiently staying cool on hot nights, as well as keeping the biting bugs at bay. The Igloo is a mosquito-net style tent for your bed with the latest self-erecting tent technology for easy fitting. You will feel up to 12°C cooler and can relax in its spacious interior, and reduce your energy consumption even more.

It works by connecting the Close Comfort unit to the special vent at the end of the bed. Cooled air is gently blown in, displacing the warm, stale air through the fine netting. This helps maintain a pool of cool air over your bed, allowing a better night's sleep. Leave your bedroom window open for fresh air all night, reducing the build-up of high CO2 levels and stale dry air that can leave you feeling irritated in the morning.

Also ideal for those really filthy hot days, set it up in your lounge room and camp out inside with your tablet device and a stash of cool drinks for greater cooling and comfort.


  • Large and spacious, fitting all double beds up to King size (210 x 210 cm)
  • Large entry panels and spacious interior
  • Detachable machine washable bottom panel
  • Quick to setup and pack away.
  • Reduces Close Comfort energy consumption to as little as 170 Watts (average)

Just like a bedside light provides localized illumination, Close Comfort cools just a small part of the room where you are sitting or sleeping.