Collection: Hannah Pad - Certified organic cloth pads for periods, maternity and light incontinence management

hannahpad is a non-toxic menstrual cloth pad option that is designed and made in Korea. The CEO of hannahpad Korea is also surprisingly a male. He created hannahpad due to the pain suffered by his female friend during her period. hannahpad was originally established in 2005 to offer a non-toxic and organic alternative in Korea. It is now the time to spread hannahpad globally, so more people can have access to a healthier product for their menstrual cycle.

hannahpad is an AIO (all in one) style cloth pad meaning that there are no removable inserts to deal with. Instead, the internal cotton sheets are sewn to the core of the cloth pad.

This makes hannahpads easier to wear, change and wash.

 You can download a PDF guide to hannahpad here.

Available in 5 different sizes:

Pantyliner, Small, Medium, Large/Overnight and Ultra Overnight (Super Ultra available by request)

 Hannahpad sizes

Note : A random design / pattern will be sent, depending on stock availability. If you prefer a particular design you can call us and ask what is currently in stock.

Why should I switch to washable organic cloth pads?

Women through the ages have used old rags to catch their flow, therefore; washable cloth pads are not a new idea on the market.

 It is important now than ever to switch to washable organic cloth pads as they are made from certified organic cotton that is unbleached and non-dyed, healthier on the body, reduces landfill waste, and just more bang for your buck.

 - Better against your skin/body

- Saves the planet one washable cloth pad at a time

- Cost-effective (long term savings)

What are the environmental benefits of using cloth pads?

Almost 4.2 million Australian women aged between 14-54 would have purchased menstrual products (tampons, sanitary pads, panty liners) in the last month. You can only imagine the amount of waste these disposable options will produce in a year (~45,000 tonnes) from women with regular menstrual cycles.

Disposable tampons and pads can take hundreds of years to decompose and the toxic chemicals released into the earth and air is harmful on the environment, animals and humans. This is not only an Australian issue but a worldwide concern that should be taken seriously. hannahpads have a lifespan of 2-3 years or longer depending on personal use and care. In comparison to disposables, the organic cotton material can take about 12 months to biodegrade and compost.

hannahpad Probiotic (EM) Soap

EM stands for EFFECTIVE MICROORGANISMS, is a unique technology that combines naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms, principally lactic acid bacteria and yeast, which are used in fermented foods and probiotic drinks to promote good bacteria. 

EM creates antioxidant substances and can purify the environment as the active ingredient EM is also environmentally friendly. 
Wash your pads knowing you are not harming the environment.  


Plant Based Natural Oil 77% (Soybean & Coconut oil)

Lye 10%

Probiotics 6%

Water 6%

Bamboo Vinegar 1%

Weight: 200g 

Vegan-friendly & Cruelty free.

 How to Wash 

1. Rinse using cold water as soon as possible to remove any discharge.

2. Lather using our Probiotic (EM) soap or any natural laundry detergent.

3. Soak in a bucket/container for a minimum of 6 hours to overnight in cold water with a natural detergent or laundry soaker. Soak up to 48 hours if required.

4. Handwash* or machine wash in cold water.

*If you hand wash you can use a spin cycle on your machine to remove excess water to quicken drying time.

5. Dry in the sun where possible, as it is a natural antibacterial. 





LAUNDRY STAIN REMOVER is made from sodium sesquicarbonate which is a double of salt commonly found in natural baby laundry products and bath salts.

 This 150g bottle contains only one active ingredient and no other harsh chemical fillers to effectively remove stains from your cloth pads whilst being gentle on the organic cotton fibres and our environment.

Can also be used on any clothing to remove most stains. 

[Bottle Contents]- 150g/ 5.29oz. of Sodium Sesquicarbonate

 3 Uses:

  • Spray bottle diluted in water and sprayed onto stains
  • Sprinkled directly onto stains and gently massaged 
  • As a soaker

 [What it is]

- Alkaline pH 9.6 

- Cold water soluble 

- Non-irritating formula 

- High strength 

- Economical 

- Great on hannahpads and other washing 

- Not tested on animals 

 [What it doesn't contain]

- NO Surfactants 

- NO Fragrance 

- NO Optical Brighteners

- NO Phosphates 

- NON-Toxic  

Packed in Australia from ingredients made in the UK