Collection: Illume - Solar Powered Skylight Alternatives

Illume - shaftless skylights you can install anywhere.

Illume™ Advanced Skylight Systems are designed to add the ambience of sky-lighting to any area of your home. illume systems work in place of conventional skylights and also in locations where a traditional skylight could not be fitted. llume is designed to convert the suns energy to light and auto-adjust brightness levels to match external conditions. This creates a harmony in your home between indoor and outdoor lighting. There are multiple illume systems to compliment your home and each model is better suited to different locations - These can include hallways, entrances, walk-in robes, bathrooms, laundries, pantries and restrooms. Illume skylights can also suit larger rooms and practically anywhere that requires more light. Eg. Living rooms or the garage.

So, how does illume work?

Once the illume solar collector is mounted on your roof, the sun's energy is harnessed and converted using the patent pending ambient light technology system. This system outputs through the illume control module which in turn powers the illume skylight panel. The patented ambient light technology system automatically adjusts the skylight panel output to match external conditions. This means that as the sky clouds over or the sun sets, so does the light output of illume.

  • Easy D.I.Y - No tradesmen required.
  • Works without installing a solar tube.
  • illume transfers no heat indoors.
  • System has no UV emissions.
  • Works in multi-storey buildings.
  • No outdoor / indoor noise transfer.
  • Sealed unit - No dead insects.

There are many other sizes available in the Illume range, including custom made units. Please contact us for further details and pricing. We have experienced installers covering the Melbourne Metro area, call us for details.