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The Kimberley Solar Roof Ventilator is designed to take advantage of free and clean solar energy to move air through your roof cavity. This helps cool it in Summer, keeping it around ambient temperature instead of the highly elevated temperatures that can lead to heat damage to light fittings, wiring, equipment such as heating and cooling systems, reduced efficiency of ducted cooling and a much greater heat load into your home.

It will also help protect your home from airborne moisture-related damage to building materials caused by exhaust fans that ventilate directly into the ceiling instead of being ducted to outside. Moisture and humid air gathers in the roof cavity and condenses into water droplets when the roof cools. Activities such as showering, cooking and doing the laundry add to this, which can lead to mildew that damages plasterboard, weakens building materials and ultimately leads to electrical problems.

The Kimberley Solar Ventilator effortlessly extracts the heat and moisture. Unlike rotary (whirlybird) ventilators which are prone to noise and vibration as the bearings inevitably fail, the brushless motor of the Solar Roof Ventilator reduces the vibration from the roof vent significantly.  

Each unit suitable to ventilate up to 185m2 of typical roof cavity. You need to ensure sufficient air inlets to replace the air that is extracted, positioned so that there is even airflow through the ceiling cavity from inlet to roof vent. This is usually done by adding eaves vents around the perimeter or at the opposite end from the roof ventilator. It can also be done with gable vents of your roof has gables, or some tile roofs have enough gaps between the tiles to allow sufficient airflow.  These units are also great for ventilating sheds, greenhouses etc.



A thermostat turns the fan on once the roof temperature reaches around 30 degrees and automatically off again once it cools down to around 20 degrees. The fan speed adjusts according to the amount of solar energy striking the solar panel, which corresponds well with the amount of heating of your roof.

 The Night Operation kit is designed to keep the fan running with mains power after sundown until the roof cavity has cooled off. Tile roofs in particular can hold a lot of heat after the sun has gone down, radiating it into the roof cavity. This requires am unswitched power outlet in the roof cavity for the power supply.


There are two ducting kits available that can be used to ventilate a room instead of the roof cavity. This can be handy for loft rooms that can get very hot in summer, drying rooms, holiday homes etc


  • Reduces moisture, mould and heat levels
  • Fully solar-powered – no operating costs
  • Helps prevent damage to electrical systems
  • Doesn’t rely on wind velocity to operate
  • Reduces cooling energy costs
  • Auto-adjusts speed to available sunlight
  • Rust-resistant galvanised steel chassis
  • Tempered glass solar panel component
  • Non-corrosive aluminium fan blade
  • Brushless DC motor


Dimensions: 605W x 605D x 230H
Finish: Black
Thermostat Cut-in: 28+3 deg C
Thermostat Cut-out: 20+5 deg C

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