Duck Window Insulation kits

Improving the insulation value of your home will reduce your heating and cooling bills and increase comfort. While most of your house consists of layers of cladding, framing, plaster and (if you're lucky!) insulation, your windows are just a thin pane of energy-transferring glass, leaving big gaps for heat to enter in summer and leave in winter.

Permanent double glazing can be hideously expensive, and while very effective and recommended for new builds and renovations it's not practical for renters or people on lower incomes.

Window Film Insulation kits work by sealing and trapping a thin layer of air against the glass, working like double glazing to slow the transfer of heat through your windows, while being cheap to buy, easy to DIY install and removable. Even if you're considering installing permanent double glazing, you can use this window insulation film to see how much of a practical difference it will make before outlaying thousands of dollars.

Duck Window Kit

DIY double glazing that will last all winter - this kit comes with shrink wrap plastic and double sided tape to help you keep the heat in during winter.

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