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Power-Mate Lite


Save your money and energy while helping to reduce your appliance's impact to the environment, by knowing how much energy you have consumed and it's cost.

  • Multi-line backlit LCD display

  • Intuitive three-button operation

  • Non-volatile memory (so the meter resumes after a power interruption without loss of data)

The Power-Mate Lite determines the energy, cost and greenhouse gases emitted and provides you per hour, quarter and year prediction. It also provides the power factor, frequency and VA (volt-amperes). Accuracy error is better than 2% (unlike the typical accuracy error that is only better than 1%).

This energy-saving power meter helps you determine how much standby power your appliances and equipment may cost.

  • Start and stop (or pause ) a measurement period

  • Select from a series of “Run” times (1, 8, 12, 24 hours; 2, 5, 7, 14, 28 days) to measure devices that turn themselves on and off (e.g. fridges, freezers, washing machines) during the course of their operation

It has a maximum 10 amps of load and intended for operation at 240VAC, meaning it can measure all common loads in the average home or small office.