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Raven Automatic Door Seal RP60


Seal your draughts and stop losing heat or cold through unsealed gaps in your home. This door seal is an adjustable, automatic door seal. Cleverly designed with a spring loaded seal to lift clear of the floor when the door is opened. The RP60 operates automatically by pressure against the door stop. All fixings are concealed. Suited for hinged doors 450mm to 915mm. Double and single inward opening. Easily installed DIY with a saw and screw driver.

Dimensions: 915mm x 40mm x 6mm

Materials: Anodised aluminium (15µm) available in silver(clear) or bronze

Features include:  

  • Seals gaps 3mm to 15mm.
  • Comes in recyclable packaging
  • Face mounted on the bottom of single and double butt hinged doors
  • Fixing holes are pre-slotted
  • Cross recess head stainless steel screws and cover strip supplied
  • Seal is RP460 black
  • Tested to over 500,000 operating cycles without failure.
  • Keeps out dust, noise, insects, bushfire embers 

Designed in Australia and made in China