Collection: Redilight

The Redilight system uses high quality components, designed in Australia by an Australian-Owned company for local conditions. The light fittings use CREE LEDs for high quality light and long lifetime. Redilight is designed as a system of parts, so you can customise your solar powered lighting to suit your home or office.

For more details or to order a Redilight system please call us on 0424 754 415

The Redilight Solar Powered Lighting System is not a Traditional Skylight – Here's Why!

Redilight’s solar powered lighting system captures free energy from the sun to efficiently power LED light fittings throughout the home or office. This clever skylight alternative is more adaptable and less obtrusive than old-fashioned tubular skylights. Connect a single solar panel to multiple light fittings to overcome the challenges of multi-level dwellings, complex roof lines and shadows that traditional skylights simply cannot handle. Redilight’s skylight alternative is also easily installed without the risk of compromising valuable roof and ceiling structures.

An efficient combination of style, quality, and reliability

Redilight’s skylight alternative features energy efficient LED light fittings come in a variety of finishes, shapes, sizes and hues to enhance the design and décor of any room. From the larger, open-plan areas of the modern home and office to smaller confined spaces like hallways and bathrooms – Redilight has the LED light fitting to meet your needs. Manufactured using only the highest quality components, the Redilight range is backed by our industry- leading warranties that guarantee their performance for years to come.

Smart options that suit your lifestyle

Unlike most traditional skylights, Redilight’s skylight alternative delivers even when the sun is down with our unrivalled smart led lighting options. Our Day-Night Kit and exciting new Sunline System enable you to simply seamlessly alternate between power from the solar panel and the grid – either automatically or on demand. It really is the smart solar powered lighting system that complements the modern Australian lifestyle.

Energy efficient is environmentally aware

Redilight is as proud of the environmental benefits of our solar powered lighting system as the cost-savings it delivers day-after-day. By drawing on free, renewable energy provided by the sun, homes and offices that install the Redilight skylight alternative are reducing their carbon footprint and ensuring a brighter future for all Australians.

Warranty details

  • 7 Year Warranty on Redilight LED Light Fittings
  • 5 Year Warranty on Redilight drivers
  • 5 Year Warranty on all Redilight approved parts and accessories
  • 5 Year Warranty on Solar Panel Materials and Workmanship
  • 10 Year Warranty on Solar Panel 90% of Rated Power Output
  • 20 Year Warranty on Solar Panel 80% of Rated Output

How to specify a Redilight system

Because Redilight is a system of parts it is very versatile and adaptable for different situations. Feel free to call our Northcote store on 0424 754 415 or email us at if you'd like some advice on which fittings, panels and accessories would suit your situation best.

  1. Start by thinking about which areas of your home, office, workshop etc need more light. This can be long dark hallways, bathrooms, WIRs, kitchens, living areas, office areas, reception, above workbenches etc etc.
  2. Once you've identified the areas that need more light then select a suitable light fitting (or fittings) to achieve the look and light levels you want to achieve. Go to the Redilight Skyfixtures page to see the range and add them to your shopping cart. (Choose dimmable fittings here if required)
  3. The next step is to choose a solar panel that can power all of the fittings you've chosen. The range includes panels capable of driving from one to eight of the standard 24W fittings, or equivalent numbers of other fittings. See the range of Redilight Solar Panels and add them to your cart from this page.
  4. If all you want is a system that works passively with light levels going up and down as sunlight levels change then you're likely ready to go. Make sure there is enough cable included with the system you've chosen to get from the solar panel out to all the light fittings. There is plenty for most situations, but if you have a large house with light fittings in far-flung corners, a multi-level property etc then you can add extra cable from the Redilight Power Accessories page.
  5. If you want to activate the system with on/off switches, Day - Night Kits or one of the Sunline constant-light systems then you can also choose them from here.
  6. If you need specialist accessories such as tilt frames for the solar panel, extra drivers or junction boxes etc then contact us directly and we can help you out.