Collection: Livos

Livos are world leaders in the production of ecological plant based finishes

Established in Germany in 1974, Livos offers a full 100% declaration of ingredients on every product. The range of natural, non toxic paints, oils for internal and external use, cleaners and maintenance products have been successfully used throughout Australia since 1986. Livos Australia offers you Natural, Safe and Eco friendly alternatives from conventional polyurethane, synthetic & chemical surface finishes.  Good for you and good for the environment.

By using LIVOS products, you are making a healthy choice for your home, family, and your environment.

EnviroShop has been selling Livos products for more than 15 years. We've had huge amounts of great feedback from professionals, homeowners and craftspeople about how easy it is to use, the beautiful finishes that can be achieved and the lack of offensive smells that linger for weeks. 

Consider Livos products for your next floor (timber or concrete), furniture, deck or other project.