Energy Efficiency

There are plenty of simple and easy things you can do in your home to save energy, reduce your bills, make your home more comfortable, and do your part against climate change. EnviroShop has been helping people with efficiency and sustainability solutions for years, and we would love to talk to you.

Are you a renter? You don’t have to own your own home to upgrade its energy performance. We have worked with landlords and tenants to achieve great outcomes – check out our most recent case study!

Energy Efficiency Products and Services

One of the best things you can do to keep your house toasty warm in winter and refreshingly cool in summer. Learn more about insulation here.

Usually the most cost-effective and quickest step, to stop air leaks to and from the outside working against your heating and cooling systems.
For doors and windows – do the job properly with Draught Dodgers, invented and made locally in Melbourne by our friends at ecoMaster, these will create an effective and long-lasting seal around:

  • door frames, and
  • double hung windows

Combine with Raven seals for the bottom of doors to close those gaps.

Window insulation
A single-glazed window can lose a lot of heat. Upgrading to double-glazing or retrofitting secondary glazing are great options if you are able to invest in them, but for the budget conscious, Duck seasonal window insulation film is an excellent cost-effective alternative. Use durable, see-through and heat-shrunk film to create an insulating layer of air, working by the same principle as double glazing.

Window shading
Windows that receive a lot of direct sunshine in the summer can create a real glasshouse effect. Renshade is very effective solution which reflects 85% of incoming solar radiation hitting the window. While only 10% of the surface is perforated, it still allows a surprisingly good outside view looking from the inside.

Efficient heating & cooling
How are you heating your home? Talk to us about upgrading your heating to the latest super-efficient heat pump technology. Available in reverse-cycle wall-mounted units or paired with hydronic heating for premium comfort.

Roof cavity ventilation - SolarWhiz
Roof cavities can reach up to 60oC on hot summer days, which then heats up the rest of your house! The SolarWhiz is a neat invention that uses an inbuilt solar panel to run a powerful extraction fan that sucks that hot air out. SolarWhiz is 10-20 times more effective (in airflow) than traditional passive wind-powered whirlybirds.

Hot water systems
Hot water can use up to a quarter of an average household energy bill. Use renewable energy from the sun with solar hot water collectors, or the air with heat pump hot water – rebates are still available.

Call Envirogroup for a quote for a new efficient hot water system - 1300 430 430

The ValveCosy is a handy extra energy saver for your hot water tank. The pressure relief valve is an integral part of the tank, but that piece of metal is also a direct link conducting heat from the hottest part of your tank – the top – to the cold winter air. Give the valve its own insulation with the ValveCosy – quick and easy to install.

Energy monitoring

What’s the best first step to save energy? Find out how much you use! We have a range of energy monitoring and switching devices that will give you the power to know and choose how electricity is being consumed.