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Livos Latis Intensive Cleaner


Naturally-formulated heavier duty cleaner used for Livos oiled floors and surfaces. Most regular detergents will strip the oils off the surface which you have paid good money to treat! Latis Intensive Cleaner is slightly alkaline and if diluted, cleans mildly - strong enough to take away tougher stains and dirt but mild enough not to damage the surface.

Recommended for tiles, wash basins, countertops and wooden surfaces: dining tables and floors. Also best used for cleaning floors before restoring or applying treatments.
See here the guide for care and maintenance of internal tables & benchtops.

Made from sustainable materials:
Water, potassium soaps of corn germ oil, ethanol and rosemary oil.

Sizes: 0.25L; 1L; 2.5L and 30L (Please contact us for details and pricing of 2.5L and 30L)


    • Dilute 1 Tbsp. into 10 l water.
    • In case of heavy soiling, use undiluted with a little water.
    • Please note, Latis Natural Intensive Cleaner works aggressively if it is too concentrated.


About Livos:

A German company who have been making high quality finishing oils and paints since 1974. Based on linseed organically grown in northern Germany, with other plant-based oils, resins and natural waxes added to achieve excellent sealing and finishing properties. Read their whole story here.