Sometimes the most difficult hurdle in making your home more efficient and comfortable is knowing where to start. While there’s plenty of advice in books and online, how do you identify which issues are relevant to your home and the Melbourne climate?
How do you sort them into order of value for money, identifying the most effective so you can gradually work your way down the list?

Whatever the energy efficiency and comfort issues in your home, we know how to spot them and solve them.

You can just drop into our store for a friendly chat, or you can book a time for one of our experienced consultants to visit your home and spend some time with you looking for issues, explaining the ins and outs of home efficiency issues and how best to solve them.


A typical home assessment visit takes around an hour and a half and has four stages.

1 Identify major issues affecting efficiency and comfort of a home
We walk around the house with you, talking about the comfort and your experience of each room, looking for issues. We take notes and point out any issues found as we go.
2 Suggest Solutions to these issues
We sit down and discuss the issues found, making sure you understand how they are affecting your house and how best to deal with them. You should be taking notes, we don’t provide a written report unless you request one. (extra charges apply)
3 Advise on order of priority / return on investment
At the end of the visit we summarise our findings and recommend an order of priority, depending on what you think is affecting your comfort the most and what we think is costing you the most.
4 Help implement solutions
We follow up with quotes on anything we supply and advise on where to find solutions for other issues.

What does it cost?

$150 up to 1 ½ hours
(Travel time chargeable for more than 45mins drive from Northcote shop)
$50 per half hour thereafter for more complex jobs
Detailed follow up report on request - $100