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Thermo Comfort Electric Heat Pad


A major problem in Winter is keeping warm without breaking the budget. With energy prices rising significantly in recent years it's getting harder to afford running heaters continuously, especially if you're in a house with poor insulation, single glazing etc where the heat you add is just escaping straight outside.
Perfect for renters and students, this heated pad uses less than 100W maximum to gently heat you directly. This means you can stay cosy and warm without paying a fortune to heat the whole room to a comfortable temperature.
A typical electric heater uses 1- 2000W, and even with a thermostat can easily chew through $5-$10 per day in electricity. With direct heating, you can set the thermostat much lower to just keep the chill off the room or turn the heater off altogether, making for great financial paybacks.
Great for watching TV, studying or any other activity where you're staying still, put it under your feet, behind your back or sit on it.

  • Three different temperature levels. (Low / Med / High).

  • Machine washable.

  • Heat sensor technology maintains consistent heat for greater comfort.

  • The electric heat pad automatically turns off after 2 hours.

  • 3 meter power cable.It is both soft and flexible making it comfortable to use.

  • Thermo Comfort electric heat pad is 27 x 37cm.