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Creator Dynamo Generator


Build a hand-crank generator, turn the handle and watch the LED light up!

A hand-generator kit is a kit making free electricity without a solar panel, wind turbine or gasoline generator. This machine makes electricity that only requires “human power”. It works on the basic principle of electromagnetic induction. Based on the principles of magnetism discovered by physicist Michael Faraday, a generator works in the opposite way to an electric motor. Not a complex device, a hand-powered generator works by using the power of your arm to create motion rather than another external force like wind, water, steam or gas.
Some common examples of generators are steam turbines, water turbines, wind farms, combustion engines and gas turbines. The external force (mechanical energy) is converted into electrical power that can then be used in an outside circuit to power other devices. In 1831, Faraday discovered that passing a conductive wire through a
magnetic field created an electric current in the wire and by spinning a coil of this wire around a magnet the current could be made to run continuously and steadily.
Traditionally hand-generators generally don’t have regulators to control voltage levels. Using them with certain equipment that is sensitive or small – for example a lightbulb, you may burn out the filament if you crank the system too fast. Modern hand-generators with intended device use will have voltage regulation to prevent damage and to work correctly.

*37 pieces
*Illustrated instructions
*Wooden parts, motor, pulleys, rubber bands, LED bulb, axles and
alligator clips
*CHOKING HAZARD: Contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
Ages 8 years +