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Brightgreen D900


The Brightgreen D900 is the worlds first halogen equivalent LED downlight. Designed in Australia the luminaire is designed to have minimal environmental impact. The D900 will match a standard 50W halogen down light for Brightness (900lm), Color temperature (3000k - also available in cool white) and dimmability and comparable on Light quality (CRI 90), while using only a fraction of the power and lasting 15 times longer.

Comes with a 2 pin AUS power cord, if you're lucky enough to have power points in your ceiling you can DIY replace your halogens with these. If your halogens are hard wired you will need a licensed electrician. If you are in the Melbourne Metro area we have experienced electricians available, please enquire via the shop.


Innovative Features:

* 900 lumens of light.

* Uses only a fraction of the power consumed by a halogen.

* Low heat = fire free

* 45 or 55 Degree anti glare lens.

* Solid state fan.

* Gimbaled.

* Universally Dimmable.

* Mercury and heavy metal free

* No UV light.

* No flickering

* 90mm hole cutout