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My Last Bag Bulk Bag


Here are the highlights of why My Last Bag's Bulk Food Bag is the smartest storage solution to be invented since bulk food shopping began.  

It reduces time and waste in an instant!

  • No more paper or plastic bags to fill up
  • Save paper and plastic waste ~ be an Eco warrior!
  • No transferring to a new container when you get home
  • Store in pantry, fridge or freezer
  • Tare weight is printed on the bag for easy checkout
  • Made from Unbleached Undyed Hemp lined with a certified Food safe liner
  • Turn inside out, wipe clean with a damp cloth ~ No washing required
  • Comes with a special crayon to write on bag label

Our SMALL SIZE bag comfortably holds 6 

Our LARGE SIZE bag comfortably holds 14 cups