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Biogone Cling Wrap COMPOSTABLE


Home compostable kitchen sized cling wrap, made with plant-based material. Certified in accordance with Australian/NZ home compostable standard AS5810. Also biodegrades in commercial composting facilities and landfill, into organic matter producing a natural fertiliser (and no microplastics). Cannot be recycled. 

  • Colour: Clear
  • Size: 30m wide
  • Length: 30m long
  • Application: Fits tightly over plates and bowls, sealing in freshness
  • Characteristics: Food grade approved, BPA Free & Freezable
  • Accreditation: Certified for home compost Australian/NZ standard


  • Recommend checking with your local council if home compostable products are accepted in kerbside green waste bins.
  • If not accepted, best to dispose of in your home compost (depending on the contents) or general rubbish bin (landfill).
  • Home Compostable plastic is not recyclable