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Bon Ami Powder Cleaner 400g


Bon Ami is a golden-oldie in the cleaning world, hard at work since 1886. Just simple ingredients to produce a high quality cleaner that works.

Ingredients: Limestone, feldspar, surfactant, soda ash and baking soda.

Features include:

  • No harsh chemicals
  • Non toxic
  • For us on most hard surfaces
  • Fragrance free

What's in the name?

Bon Ami is the name of the little chick that has been on the packaging since the beginning.  A just-hatched chick became the perfect symbol for gentle Bon Ami because baby chicks don’t scratch for food like older chickens do. The name Bon Ami® and the Bon Ami chick with its accompanying “Hasn’t Scratched Yet!”® slogan are some of America’s oldest registered trademarks.

Made in USA