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LED Bright Green DR700 LED Downlights

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The Brightgreen DR700 LED Downlight has a total light output of 720 lumens, identical to the average 50 watt halogen downlight bulb. It is dimmable and compatible with the vast majority of halogen transformers, meaning you can simply swap your existing halogen downlight bulb for the DR700, no electrician required. Australian-designed, the DR700 is very well engineered, has great quality light output and is long lasting, unlike cheaper alternatives.

Product Details

  • Beam Angle: 60°

  • Bulb Colour Temperature: 3000K (warm white)

  • Light Quality(CRI): 83+

  • Efficacy: 68 lm/W

  • Bulb Lumens: 720 lm

  • Bulb Voltage: 12

  • Bulb Wattage: 10.5W

  • Bulb Fitting/Base: MR16

  • Bulb Ave Life (Hours): 70000

  • Dimmable: Yes, with most dimmers (some dimmers just don't like LEDs and will need to be removed or replaced)

  • Height/Length: 9.7 cm

  • Width: 5.0 cm

Key Features

  • Fire Free

  • Among the coolest in the market with an average of operating temperature of 60C. This also saves money on cooling during the warm months.

  • UV Free

  • Fade-free furnitures and no need for sunblock indoors.

  • Instant Start-up

  • One flick of the switch, our lights turn on instantly.

  • Heavy Metal Free

  • Free from harmful materials, including mercury and lead, which are both found in CFLs and many other LEDs.

  • Built-In Spike Protection

  • Australian power supplies are some of the world’s most volatile, resulting in millions of products failing every year. Brightgreen lights are protected by a built-in 3100V spike arrester (4000V for most of our retrofit range), well above the standard 240V supply.

About Brightgreen:

Brightgreen is an Australian based company that manufactures award-winning, energy efficient LED lights designed to last, not create more waste. Not only are they 98% recyclable, but when they eventually do expire, they'll even buy them back for two bucks.