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SowNSow Pop Up Pot Large


These origami style pots are certified 100% carbon neutral and made from 100% recycled waste will add a burst of colour to your home. Designed and made in Australia from 100% recycled polypropylene, Pop Up Pots not only enhance our living space with their vibrant pops of colour, but are helping to divert plastic from landfill through a closed-loop system that recycles post‑industrial waste.

The Large size features artwork by Jackie Anderson and are completely water proof allowing water to drain through the base of the pot. Strong enough to put a plant directly into the pot or it can be used as a sleeve. 

These origami style pots come flat which make them an affordable gift to send in the mail, and once received, they simply assemble with a quick pop and a push.


Flat: 33.5cm wide x 20cm tall
Assembled: 16cm tall, 21cm diameter